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SoftPro is a wonderful application with a lot of potential.  As expected with an application that's good in a bunch of states, out of the box there is quite a bit of customization necessary to make SoftPro do what you want it to.  There is no reason for your employees to go to type information twice, on any document.  That's the type of SoftPro support we provide.

Documents - We have many of the documents you need to ensure a successful closing, we are not attorney's and recommend that all documents be reviewed by your staff for fit and use.

Reports - Pretty much if it's in SoftPro we can design a report to extract your information.  Some reports are very specific to a company, others are usable. Take a look at some of the reports we offer.

ProCal - ProCal is an application we wrote to provide you with a live closing calendar on everyone's desktop.  Complete with tracking items and much more.  You no longer have to maintain a duplicate calendar, just pop it up on screen.  We recommend printing at least 7 days out every day for your manual calendar backup.  No reason to keep it on paper or in Outlook.

Examples of some Web Order Entry:

Web Order Entry system Start a SoftPro Order over the web
Title Order - More Complete information
Prelim - Order Prelim over the web, delivered to whomever you select