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Reports for Softpro

Here's a list of Reports we currently have for immediate  implementation in your organization.
  • Undisbursed Funds Report
  • Order Counter Basic
  • Scheduled Files To Do
  • Open Orders To Do
  • Summary Completed Items by Person Completing
  • Summary Counts by Escrower
  • Last modification by settdate
  • Top Loan Officers by Deals
  • Top Loan Officer Detail
  • IncomeReportDetail
  • Top Loan Officer by Loan Amount
  • Top Listing Agents by Deals
  • Top Listing Agents by Sales Price
  • Top Selling Agents by Deals
  • Top Selling Agents by Name
  • Marketing Report
  • Top Selling Agents by Sales Price
  • Title Insurance Checklist by Loan Policy
  • Titile Insurance Checklist by Settlement Date
  • By Task Post Closing Report
  • Title Insurance Checklist by Owners Policy
  • Problem File Report
  • Revenue Forcast
  • Title Problem Report
  • Title Examiner Tracking
  • Summary Title Examiner report
  • Outstanding Titles Sorted by Lender
  • Outstanding Titles by Examiner
  • Title problems, it's Scheduled
  • Survey RSurvey Record

Some of these reports require SoftPro's Data Collector to operate, it's on the SoftPro CD in the Tools Directory. Others are very specific as to thier operation.

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