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We have Word Merge, Softpro ReadyDocs, and some WordPerfect Merge documents

New Documents

Ohio Mortgage Legal description overrun fix
If you are an Ohio Customer, We recently converted the Greatland mortgages to not overrun the Legal Description.  With our modifications to your Greatland documents, when you print a Mortgage, if the Legal description doesn't fit, the document will put See Exhibit "A" Attached, as the legal.  (It does not automatically print an Exhibit A)  These documents need a rather detailed installation that goes beyond what SoftPro will support.  If you are an Ohio customer, and you need this feature, we should be able to help, just drop an e-mail  to mortgage at (replace at with @) If you're not an Ohio customer, drop me a line anyhow, I expect we can work something out.

Payoff / Payment Letters
This single Word merge document prints payoff letters for the 100, or 500 section, and includes payment letters for 1301 through Additional Disbursement 12.  So you merge one document and get up to 20 letters.  Of course the text is set to your liking.

Old Republic Title Insurance documents and endorsements
SoftPro provides Old Republic documents, In Ohio we've been asked to include a bit more information in the footer and of course this document comes off the printer with your signature printed.

Documents ready to go

These are all ReadyDocs unless otherwise noted


These Documents are available in either RdyDoc or Word Merge Formats.

4506 Rev 2005-11

Same as SoftPro's 4506 but prints SSN split correctly.  This is a 2 Page Document Page 2 Prints the correct number of times for page 1


4506T Rev 2005-11

Same as SoftPro's 4506T but prints SSN split correctly.  This is a 2 Page Document Page 2 Prints the correct number of times for page 1 SoftPro may have fixed these documents, seems there's new one's on the website.  Please check before purchasing


Affidavit by Attorney-in-fact

A simple affidavit for a POA.

Affidavit for new Duplicate of Lost Certificate of Title

Section 28 ORC Section 5309.31, used in Hamilton County, this document has been accepted in Hamilton County, should work in other counties that require this document


Affidavit Mortgagors (Refi)

This is an automated Affidavit which covers Bills, Liens,  Rights, Taxes and more.  One of the interesting things it does is change the verbiage for Liens depending on the actual 104 and 105 HUD lines.


Affidavit Seller

This is an automated Affidavit for the Seller Similar to the Mortgagor's Affidavit.


Affidavit of Original Contractor (Seller)

The is an Original Contractor Affidavit pertaining to 1311.011(B)(4) and 5301.253 of the Ohio Revised Code


Authorization to Obtain Information

This document will print once for each of the first 4 Buyers or Sellers pertaining to Payoff Information.


Authorization to Sign

Simple Authorization to have another person sign at closing, with jurat section.

Borrower Certificate and Acknowledgment

In general this is an Agreement to Cooperate, the Borrower Agrees to re-execute for clerical errors, the Title Exam was done on behalf of the lender, no guarantee of title, Survey if done, done for the lender.



Certificate of Confirmation

Confirmation this loan hasn't rescinded, Dated the Distribution Date, signed at closing.


Check list for Processing/Closing

This is a checklist for processors, normally this document will be modified to fit your needs.  Hourly rates apply to these changes.

Closing Disclosure 2006

ORC 1345.031(B)(8) The Closing Disclosure needs signed first at the closing table. This is a rather straight forward document. It Prints a simple Closing Disclosure, it includes up to 9 borrowers, with signature lines formatted like the sample document.

Compliance Agreement

Agreement to Cooperate, and adjust for clerical errors

Conveyance Fee Form

We are working on a Conveyance Fee document for every County, We have some complete, let us know what you need.  This document is best used with it's own printer.  There are 4 part and 5 part counties. (Most are 4)  We will work with you until your recorder accepts this digitally created document.  We are currently looking for glue for NCR Multi-part carbonless forms, if you know the source please let us know.


City of Dayton Disclosure

Required for all properties closed within the city limits.  It does not currently fill in information for Appraiser



Dymo Label

Prints a Dymo Label If not a corporation, first line is Buyer1's Last Name first, and First Name, If Corporation print corporate name.  Right aligned is File Number.  Line 2 is Property Address, Line 3 is the County.  This  Document does not allow folding of the label with info on both sides, to do that you'll need one of our Word Merge Documents.

Earnest Money Certification

Earnest Money has been received by Real Estate Agent.

Employment Certification

Verification of no change in Employment

Estate Affidavit

Affidavit of estate executors for the purpose of selling real property

First Lien Letter

First and best lien letter, subject only to encumbrances shown in the opinion, from agent to bank.

FATICO Affidavit of Incumbency of an Attorney in Fact ORC 1337.091

Document made as duplicate of FATICO's Document.  The Affiant is to write their name and fill out the document.

Forwarding Address, Seller

Prints a separate for each Seller group, Maximum of 2 Signatures per Page.  Grouped by Seller 1 and Seller 1.5, Seller 2 and Seller 2.5, up to seller 9 are printed.  Maximum of 5 Pages printed.  Not only establishing Forwarding address, but also Phone, Cell and e-Mail information is requested.


Hold Harmless for Inspections

Buyer holds harmless, Agent and Lender for Inspections

Hold Harmless for Legal Description

Informs Buyer the Legal description may require updating at the County Engineer's request to transfer in the future

Hold Harmless for Tax Installments

Agreement to provide additional funds due to taxes not being certified

Intent to Occupy

Affirmation Buyer will occupy within 60 days

Name Affidavits

4 separate Affidavits for Borrowers 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5, they are one and the same name as user entered name.
Used for title related name differences

Mailing Address Verification

Address used for forwarding the original recorded deed


Notice of Closing Protection Coverage

Document Set to Print the Notice of Closing Protection Letters

Payoff / Payment Letters -  3x Document

This two document set will print up to 58 Close out letters.  Authorization to Close / Mortgage Close out's are printed for 104, 105, 504 and 505, Then a Close Account letter is printed for The entire 1300 section, as well as 50 Additional Disbursements.   Separate page will print only if there is a Payee, and it's a separate check.  This is the Document you include with a disbursement check. This document is cost five (3) times a normal document cost.  In Word this is a single document

Privacy Policy

Gramm Leach Bliley Act Privacy Policy

Proceeds Authorization

Normally used in Seller mail aways, describing where the Seller's proceeds should go, FedEx, Wire, or give check to party.

Real Estate Reporting Data for Form 1099

Describes 1099 spilt amounts between Sellers

Sellers Authorization POA

Appoints 701 Agent as POA on transaction for and by sellers

Sellers Document Instructions

Directions for how to fill out documents for  Seller Mail away

Split Lot Tax Agreement

Lot is being split, taxes are not yet split agreement

Survey Affidavit

No additions or changes in building, walls, fences have been erected

Survey Request

Request for Survey, using Track item 3

Title Exam Request

Request for Title Exam, using Track Item 4

Waiver and Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement for name not on deed


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These documents are not distributed as Legal Documents, they are text based, in use at various Ohio Title Companies, and need verified by your Attorney.  VF Information, LLC will make changes as requested, billable at current labor rates, to any document.

You are Purchasing the right to use these documents from any single server, serving a single SoftPro office.  Multi Office licenses are available at a reduced cost.  Currently 30% of the original license amount.  You are only purchasing the right to create black marks on paper, you are not purchasing vetted legal documents, have your legal council review any documents you have question with.



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