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We provide complete computer support, or SoftPro only, whatever you need. Some of our clients have in-house IT support and we only do SoftPro or emergency service, for others we are thier IT department.  

Full network support, including cabling is available.  I configure all the popular server operating systems.  (NT, Novell and Linux) 

Most of my clients use me as a temporary type employee, I am their IT department. I stop by once or twice a week, update systems, learn about your waysMost of our clients use us from time to time, to create a report, document, or custom development project.  We still take on the temporary type employee role, I am their IT department. We monitor servers, backups, and routers. We stop by when necessary to update systems, learn about your ways of working, and train employees,  with a smile and a friendly manner.   Since we have the employee mentality, we often come up with solutions in the evening, as a client, you are always on our mind.

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