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Home / VF Information LLC is designed to assist the Land Title industry process documents and save money.  We provide a full range of computer support  for clients using SoftPro for processing. 

We do Custom Programming, Documents, Reports, Automation, Computer Hardware, Network and Phone installation, Antivirus management, and much more.  We can cover whatever you need, one document, SoftPro only, or your entire IT needs.

Be sure to visit for our latest offerings which include ProGFE  an automated method of providing your customized GFE numbers to Lenders

OLTA members, be sure to ask about our Escrow Agreement, modeled after the recent Title Topics article.

What we really do is save our clients a bit of time for each transaction they process.  We also see many people manually creating reports from SoftPro Data.  Once you've put the information in SoftPro, save the payroll, have your reports generated automatically. 

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Phone: 937-424-5734

Based out of Springfield Ohio, Serving the U.S.A.